1. The Basics of Carpet Cleaning 

Carpet is the number one flooring choice for residences and many businesses. Carpet cleaning is a major industry – since carpet can be expensive to replace, taking good care of it only makes sense! There are many things you can do to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean between professional cleanings, however, and here are some of the basics.

  • Vacuum regularly, especially in high traffic areas. If you can keep the carpet nap standing up and fluffy, dirt will simple sift between the strands and be easy to suck out instead of being trodden deep into the fibers.


    • Instantly attend to stains caused by spilled liquid, but don’t rub the affected portion of carpet. Instead, select a highly absorbent cloth, fold several times to make a pad, and lay over the stain. Apply heavy pressure by stepping on the pad to suck the liquid back up out of the carpet. Turn to a dry side of the cloth and repeat. Then use a gentle stain remover (tested in an inconspicuous corner first) to thoroughly blot the area before drying it again.


    • Stains caused by mud or other non liquid substances are often best left to dry, then vacuumed up before stain removers are applied. Use a carpet cleaning brush to tease the carpet fibers upright and loosen dirt before vacuuming. Wax can often be lifted off with a hot iron run over waxed paper, and ‘goo remover’ products work wonders for gum and other sticky stains.


  • Don’t use powder ‘fresheners’ on your carpet – they will actually attract more dirt and gum up your vacuum. On the subject of vacuums, a high end vacuum may cost more up front but will pay for itself by adding years to the life of your carpet.

Bottom line – routine care of your carpet can cut down on professional carpet cleaning needs and make your floors last longer, look brighter and feel softer.

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